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Social Recruiting White Papers

Read our white papers and begin applying our tried-and-true strategy and tactics to your social media and recruiting campaigns, today.

13 Surprising Benefits That Social Recruiting Will Bring To Your Organization

Traditional ROI models don't work for Social Recruiting – but these 13 benefits will get your whole company applauding Social Recruiting.

How To Use Social Recruiting When Your Company Isn't Involved In Social Media

Social Recruiting is essential to successful recruiting in today’s world. This white paper highlights key strategies to get started in social media so you can have enhanced job distribution and make the best hires, fast.

Learn How HR Pros Are Adding Twitter & Facebook To Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is only as good as your Social Recruiting Strategy. What's your strategy? Social Media is a constantly evolving technology that is changing the way that society communicates, and in turn is changing the way that companies engage with jobseekers.

Measuring The ROI Of Social Recruiting

Stop Guessing – Know the Impact! - 5 Simple Steps to Measuring ROI on Social Recruiting. The most important factor in determining how your company will measure ROI on Social Recruiting is communication.

10 Best Practices To Get Your Facebook Page Delivering Recruiting Results

Facebook Pages are becoming one of the best places to recruit talent. This white paper outlines the 10 best practices you should follow to ensure your Facebook Page delivers the recruiting results you're after.